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PE & Health State Conference!
Feb 27th & Feb 28th

The best PD conference of 2023-2024...

Select from multiple 30 minute session topics

Expert Presenters

Loads of take home resources

Topics- Group Fitness, SEL, Mindfulness, S&C, Training, Elem & Sec Sport, Golf, Coaching, and much more...

Physical EDGE provides physical education, health education, and coaching services to schools and teams worldwide. This comes in a variety of forms; on- and off-site youth, elementary, and high school consulting, online training courses, admin or director support, curriculum resources, and so much more. 

From strategic planning to innovative solutions, Physical EDGE focuses always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship with respective clients/partners. Spending significant time in learning the needs and parameters of our project is our top goal. We assist in all your professional development needs. 

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 Physical EDGE - Changing the Game!!

Past Regional Conference...

Local District PD day!

Local District PD day!

Guaranteed Success


We offer a fully comprehensive or segmented onsite and offsite consulting service that is personalized to your specific needs. Curriculum writing, professional development sessions, admin support and training, as well as outsourcing services.

Girls in a Sports Practice
Sports Socks


From Youth to Collegiate, our experts assist with coaches at all experience levels. Offering best coaching methodology, novel approaches to the game, and resources that surely will elevate the playing field.


With our expert guidance your health education program from K-12 could significantly enhance the overall wellness of your learners. Curriculum, pedagogy professional development sessions, and a myriad of resources are provided.



What are people saying about their experiences....

Are you ready to transform your program?

Physical EDGE developed a fantastic standards-based K-12 Physical Education Professional Development program. They will teach your teachers how to implement more student fitness into their daily classroom routines and maximize their class time. Their team demonstrates fundamental standards-based Physical Education principals that can easily be applied to all Units within your curriculum. Their ideas are cutting-edge, and their approach to their PD sessions are energizing and inspiring. The lesson resources they share during the PD sessions and the resources available are easy to access and extremely helpful to Phys Ed. Teachers of any experience level.

Shawn Counard

Moorestown Public Schools

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